Research group „ventilation, weaning and pulmonary monitoring“

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Monitoring of transpulmonary pressure and electrical impedance tomography (EIT)) can potentially detect lung-harming events during ventilation and weaning such as atelectasis, hyperinsufflation and pendelluft.

During the COVID 19 pandemic our research group assessed the role of transpulmonary pressure monitoring in the management of COVID 19 associated ARDS (CARDS).Furthermore, this group investgated the impact of inhaled nitric oxide (NO) on the outcome of patients suffering from CARDS.

Currently, this research group focuses on the optimization / individualization of ventilation and ventilator weaning by using modern pulmonary monitoring such as transpulmonary pressure monitoring and electrical impedance tomography.

Dr.--Stoll-Sandra Emily
Dr. Sandra Emily Stoll, D.E.S.A., EDEC, EDIC, MHBA


Team members

Prof. Alexander Mathes
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Fabian Dusse, M.H.B.A.

Sobiya Saravanapavananthan, PhD student
Tobias Leupold, PhD student
Edward Underberg, PhD student